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Digital Consulting
VAS for Mobile

DigiServ is partnered with world leading mobile games, music, video, m-learning, premium digital and traditional VAS companies globally. These global companies are engaged in acquisition of, value addition to and distribution, of mobile games, music, video, e-learning, premium digital and VAS across emerging markets such as Indo Sub Continent, Middle East, Africa, South East Asia and Latin America. Our operations comprise of multiple business models including freemium business model, subscription business model etc. We offer operators and mobile-driven businesses great value in terms of customer reach and revenue.

DigiServ has now broaden its operations into financial technology, often shortened to fintech which aims to compete with traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services with the help of technology to improve/automate financial activities. It is an emerging industry in the areas of banking services, insurance, trading, and risk management.

DigiServ is now offering innovative ideas that improve financial service processes by proposing technology solutions according to different business situations, while the ideas could also lead to new business models or even new businesses. Our outmost goal is to work with our partners and clients to improve financial processes and increase automation in the financial industry of Pakistan. The company has partnered with global financial experts with relevant entrepreneurial experience in building credit scoring models for the unbanked world over and tech companies building a digital future of the capital markets.


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To create and maximize, value and opportunities for all stakeholders.
To be the leading innovative and dynamically growing organization in the information technology and communication sector so as to deliver;
superior, sustained shareholder value, achieve total customer satisfaction, and become the employer of choice.

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About Us

We are the premier communication & financial technology provider with a dynamic integration of people, skills, services and support. We offer technology solutions and services to numerous corporate and home based clients. DigiServ has made substantial investment in building infrastructure to deliver and support world class products and services.

We generate billions of smiles on mobile devices any time, any place across millions of people in emerging markets who in their real life are grappling with the “The Game of Life”.

We are keen to address genuine capital market issues, deliver real functionality, help clients address cost pressures, reduce service delivery TATs, improve customer experience, and meet numerous other expectations with the inclusion of innovative processes and automation through machine learning and AI.

A complete commitment to quality, a high level of customer satisfaction, a dedication to building relationships and a vision for the future are the key fundamental principals at DigiServ. We are dedicated to delivering products that are quality treated and ensuring a level of service that meets the varying requirements of our customers.



Meet Us

We are in Service oriented business. Providing the best service to our customers, means having the best infrastructure, best people and the quality management, which has been the basis of our organization. DigiServ sponsors/management consists of a strong group of dedicated professionals with combined industry experience spanning over 50 years of work in the United States, United Kingdom and Pakistan. The management team that co-founded, established and grew two startups in Pakistan and the later one (WOL Telecom, an ISP) was acquired by Orascom Telecom Group (currently VEON Group) to enter the broadband/internet market in Pakistan. We have partners/experts in the field of banking and finance having special focus on Fintech ; a new financial industry that applies technology to improve financial activities. These experts have co-founded the Entrepreneurial Finance Lab (EFL), an award winning leader in the credit scoring space with a focus on psychometric screening tools.

The members of the sponsor/management team include:

Aamer Manzoor

Aamer is an entrepreneurial executive with experience managing and building high growth companies in the internet, ICT and telecom domain. He is considered as one of the pioneers in bringing broadband internet into Pakistan. Aamer created, managed and grew an extremely successful ISP, WOL in Pakistan that was successfully acquired by Orascom Telecom, the largest integrated telecom group in the region. Later he helped Jazz/Mobilink to launch its 3G/4G services in Pakistan which was one of the fastest growing segments of Jazz. Aamer has 20+ years of experience at C level managing marketing, sales/commercial, operations and strategy at corporate level for both start-up and established companies. Aamer is a graduate of Harvard University and LUMS.

Azfar Manzoor

Azfar has 20+ years of diverse experience in private and public sector as well as entrepreneurship. He started his professional journey from USA working for National Semiconductors Inc., Cambridge Technology Partners. He also briefly taught at MIT. He is the founding member and CEO of two startups in the software and internet domains, the last one, WOL Telecom, under his leadership was transformed from a small ISP to being the leading brand in the Internet/broadband space of Pakistan, later acquired by Orascom Telecom Group (now VEON). As part of executive management team of Mobilink (a VEON subsidiary), Azfar led its B2B Business Unit which focused on providing services to large enterprises as well as SOHO / SME sector. He also sat on the board of Mobilink Microfinance Bank, is board member of the Universal Service Fund, a $500 million public sector technology fund and is also the Regional Chair in Pakistan for MIT. Azfar has a BS and MS degrees in EE & CS from MIT and an MBA from LUMS.

Beenish Qayyum

Beenish brings management, teaching and finance experience with her from multiple industries. She is responsible for the oversight of DigiServ support services departments including finance, HR & admin. She has previously worked at WOL Telecom, ABN-AMRO Bank, Lahore Grammer School and Lahore PreSchool. Beenish holds a Masters Degree in Economics from Punjab University and a Bachelors Degree from Kinnaird College.

Dr Asim I Khwaja

Prof. Khwaja is a Sumitomo-FASID Professor of International Finance and Development at the Harvard Kennedy School, and a leading expert in the field of banking and finance. He co-chairs the “Rethinking Financial Inclusion: Smart Design for Policy and Practice,” executive education course at Harvard. He is also an entrepreneur having co-founded the Entrepreneurial Finance Lab (EFL), an award winning leader in the credit scoring space with a focus on psychometric screening tools. EFL has developed their models using over a million individuals across 27 countries in South Asia, Latin America, Africa and East Asia and facilitated lending of over USD 1.5 billion. EFL was recognized by the Financial Times as one of 10 companies to watch in their future of fintech 2017 awards along with companies such as Ant Financial.

Dr Rajkamal Iyer

Prof Iyer is a professor of finance at Imperial College, London. Prior to that he was a professor of Finance at the MIT Sloan School of Management. His research focuses on the area of banking and financial intermediation, with a particular interest in understanding the role of banks in society. Prof. Iyer’s current area of interest is Fintech where he is interested in understanding how fintech can reshape the intermediation landscape and improve access to credit. He also holds a research advisory role at the Bundesbank (Germany). Prof. Iyer has been involved in several fintech initiatives in emerging markets and has also testified to the U.S Congress House committee on financial regulation for fintechs.



Our Reliable Network

Our partnerships with industry leaders define our commitment to harnessing and providing best in class communication technology to our clients.

By partnering with us for your digital needs, you become a part of a committed and reliable network consisting of industry specialists, who are all dedicated to connecting your business to a world of success, always.



Relying on us

We are proudly serving our satisfied clients who rely on us for making sure their businesses and enterprises stay
connected to a world of opportunity every single day. From large telecommunication companies to small private sector, our client portfolio is wide, varied and always growing.


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Digiserv Joins Hands with Bank Alfalah and Karandaaz to develop an Innovative Credit Scoring Model for SMEs of Pakistan.



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